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New to Clara’s training,
I could immediately feel the gentle, powerful energy coming from Clara’s presence and practice. 
The encouragement to go at our own pace and to make it our own, together with Clara’s expertise, humour, kind and genuine interest, makes this teaching a lovely balanced, grounded and healing support.
Jane S.
Elemental Qigong


I received a profound Akashic Record Clearing from Clara in my 1:1 session. Her meditation took me to a deep level and prepared me before entering the records.
I was able to see more than ever while in the records. I was made aware of areas in my body and life that needed healing and clearing. The same day, within hours, I noticed positive changes happening at my work, finances and outlook. She really was meant to do this!  I highly recommend taking time to do this for yourself with Clara.
Thank you!
Heather Norell
Akashic Record Clearing


What a lovely session that was yesterday evening. Really raised inner vibe!
I find guided visualisation so helpful, particularly good in stopping my thoughts from wandering and the water bit added something extra (I was pretty well immersed by this time.) It also felt great to do it with others and I’m sure the sum of a group is more than its parts, if that makes sense.
Corinna Hoare
Alchemy Meditation

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